¡¡¡Curb Alert!!! is the world’s awesomest party fun band. Dedicated to Music in the spirit of Peace, Love, & Patience. With alternative modern rock vibes. We focus on creating and performing original music, but we grew up cranking out American hit songs and can fill an entire party night with cover songs ranging from the 50s to todays top 40 hits.

Members have a long lasting tie to music. Tracing to elementary days, music has been with the band through all life stages. Rearranged amongst the country and other musical acts in past years, the band has coalesced around a central fun carefree music vibe that highlights the visceral celebration of life, with an offset balance of melodic rock-steady tracks that pay recognition to the carnal love of soul shaking. Check out ¡¡¡Curb Alert!!! for yourself and dare to label us on your own by seeing us live at one of our upcoming shindigs.

¡¡¡Curb Alert!!! is always engaged in the creative process to produce works of art that are true reactions to life grooves n passion. You never know if you might hear a brand new song that was stumbled across that day played on stage…. Real Rockstars don’t practice, we just show up and bring it. Whatever we are feeling. But we do practice the solid hits, too, so you are guaranteed a polished performance that satisfies the need to feel alive.

One might not be familiar with the name “Curb Alert”…. which should be common knowledge to any one that may have to replace a household appliance…. the prestigious Urban Dictionary describes “Curb Alert” as “an announcement–usually through a listhost or website (i.e. Craigslist -signaling the presence of stuff (i.e. appliances, furniture, toys) left outside a residence and free for your taking”……. fitting name considering ¡¡¡Curb Alert!!!’s early performances (and sometimes present) established the band’s reputation for being for free, half-trashed, and just waiting for someone to throw us in the back of their pick-up and take us home!